Spacebug’s Robo Rally Courses

Robo Rally is a board game where you program your robot with your hand of cards, and race other players’ robots to finish the course first.

I used to play on GameTableOnline, but they closed down. I’m currently playing on Tabletop Simulator. I recommend DRaine’s Robo Rally 2016 rendition of the new version of the game.


These are screenshots of courses I made for the now-defunct GameTableOnline website. Some of these can be used as suggested flag layouts for using my downloadable boards or official boards.  Others I considered too un-fun to make a separate board for.

toggle boggle too
Toggle Boggle Too – A course that uses the special Toggle Boggle rules on the official board Chop Shop.  Special Rules: Your team’s robots can touch the flags in any order, claiming them for your team. Control them all at the same time, and your team wins! Just one little thing: your claim lasts only until the other team touches the flag. Whenever a robot touches a flag, place its Archive marker on top of any others to show which team controls it. If a robot is destroyed, that player must sit out for a full turn before reentering the game (follow the normal reentry rules).
love knot for bots
Love Knot for Bots – This course layout is based on a Celtic Love Knot. The flags move with conveyors.
Love Knot 2 – The sequel to Love Knot for Bots. The flags move with conveyors.
a fishy knot
A Fishy Knot – So called because of its fishy appearance. Based on two overhand and two figure of eight knots. The flags move with conveyors.
twist and shoot
Twist and Shoot – This course is not based on any knot in particular. The flags move with conveyors.
carrick and josephine
Carrick and Josephine – Inaccurately named for the Josephine Knot and the almost-identical Carrick Bend. The flags move with conveyors.
twisted strands
Twisted Strands – Winner of the 2010 Map Editing Contest. The flags move with the conveyors.
fancy frogging
Fancy Frogging – Flags move. It reminded me of that fabric decoration thing called frogging, hence the name.
Pretzel – It’s a giant pretzel!
Endless Knot – This course has no Starting Board! It also has 6 flags, so is a bit longer than many of my other courses.
Doodle – No Starting Board. Again, I was playing about with the knot motifs I like so much! I ran out of inspiration when it came to giving my courses titles!
killing floor
Killing Floor – Deathmatch course, no starting board. Special rules – 30 second timer,no powering down. Based on Bumper Pool by bmrr. Named for the arena in Johnny Mnemonic.
merry go round
Merry go round – The first course I made using the map editor. No special rules. Just a simple little course.
obstacle course
Obstacle Course – A short and rather silly course. Each aisle has two bots in it (so an even number of players is required). The first bot to the flag is the winner.
Charybdis – Moving Targets not big enough for you? Charybdis is a giant version of the official Moving Targets course, complete with moving flags.
carricks bend
Carrick’s Bend – This board is based on a single Carrick Bend knot. Flag 5 moves with the conveyors.
Turntable – A “flippy board” course. It uses a 4×12 starting board at each side, with repairs on each spawn point. When a flag is touched there is a 50% chance that the centre board (12×12) will rotate 180 degrees.
This is Madness – A rather silly course: Sparta’s answer to diplomacy problems seemed very relevant to Roborally. (don’t get kicked into the pit)


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