Spacebug’s Robo Rally Boards

Robo Rally is a board game where you program your robot with your hand of cards, and race other players’ robots to finish the course first.

I used to play on GameTableOnline, but they closed down. I’m currently playing on Tabletop Simulator. I recommend DRaine’s Robo Rally 2016 rendition of the new version of the game.

See my Map Editing Tutorial for making your own boards.

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Download these boards

Due to space restrictions, the boards hosted here are lower resolution.  Download high resolution boards at these links:

2005 Tileset Boards Collection

2016 Tileset Boards Collection

UPDATE: I fixed an error in the Circuit Trap boards in both collections.  In the 2016 collection I’ve made a second type of charge icon with green handles, to allow playing the old rules on the new tileset. Red is repair, green is repair and upgrade.  There are now 2 versions of the boards that had upgrade tiles.  I have made 3 boards from old courses and added them to the 2016 collection (Doodle, Endless Knot and Killing Floor).

New Boards for Robo Rally 2016

The new game has a 10×10 layout instead of the old 12×12. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Spacebug’s Classic Boards with a new look

I re-skinned my old boards to match the 2016 version of Robo Rally:

Official boards re-skinned for 2016 edition

The 8 boards from 2005, 2 more from the original, and a couple from the Armed and Dangerous expansion. These are 12×12, so they won’t plug and play with the new edition boards perfectly, but they’re still good.  I borrowed the Crusher board element from the one Gareth at created.

GTO-era Boards

I have just made higher resolution versions of these in the 2005 tileset.

Official boards with 2005 reskin

Laser Maze, Pit Maze, Cannery Row and Circuit Trap.  I used the Crusher element from Gareth at



Spacebug’s Map Editing Tutorial

Spacebug’s Courses

Robo Rally 2016 for Tabletop Simulator by DRaines

Massive collection of RoboRally boards