Spacebug’s Robo Rally Boards

Robo Rally is a board game where you program your robot with your hand of cards, and race other players’ robots to finish the course first.

I used to play on GameTableOnline, but they closed down. I’m currently playing on Tabletop Simulator. I recommend DRaine’s Robo Rally 2016 rendition of the new version of the game.

See my Map Editing Tutorial for making your own boards.

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Download these boards

Due to space restrictions, the boards hosted here are lower resolution.  Download high resolution boards at these links:

2005 Tileset Boards Collection

2016 Tileset Boards Collection

UPDATE: I fixed an error in the Circuit Trap boards in both collections.  Added 12×12 boards Merry-Go-Round and Turntable to both collections.  Added odd-shaped boards Carrick’s Bend, Doodle, Endless Knot and Killing Floor to both collections.

In the 2016 collection I’ve made a second type of charge icon with green handles, to allow playing the old rules on the new tileset. Red is repair, green is repair and upgrade.  There are now 2 versions of the boards that had upgrade tiles.

Spacebug’s New Boards for Robo Rally 2016

The new game has a 10×10 layout instead of the old 12×12. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Spacebug’s Classic Boards with a new look

I re-skinned my old boards to match the 2016 version of Robo Rally:

Official boards re-skinned for 2016 edition

The 8 boards from 2005, 2 more from the original, and a couple from the Armed and Dangerous expansion. These are 12×12, so they won’t plug and play with the new edition boards perfectly, but they’re still good.  I borrowed the Crusher board element from the one Gareth at created.

Factory Floor Guide 2016

The 2016 version of the game was lacking any useful cheat sheets, so I’ve put together a factory floor guide like the 2005 edition had.  This is included in the 2016 Tileset download.2016 Factory Floor Guide

Spacebug’s GameTableOnline/2005 Edition Boards

I previously only had these as screenshots from Game Table Online, but now I have made high resolution versions with my new tileset!

Official boards with 2005 reskin

These are Cannery Row and Pit Maze from the original edition, Circuit Trap and Laser Maze from the Armed and Dangerous expansion.  I used the Crusher element from Gareth at  All the other expansion boards have many extra elements, so I have not attempted to re-skin those.


Spacebug’s Map Editing Tutorial

Spacebug’s Courses

Robo Rally 2016 for Tabletop Simulator by DRaines

Planet Gareth: Massive collection of RoboRally boards