Old Stuff 6 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Walkthrough

While reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it struck me that a portion of the book could translate quite well as a point and click adventure game. I love the old LucasArts adventure games like Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle etc, and decided to create a mock walkthrough in a similar style.

I’m still working on creating some pixel art to make this page not suck, but you can read what I’ve got so far here.

Walkthrough for:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Adventure Game

Lucinda Higginbottom

Previous: Episode 7 – Grimmauld Place

Episode 8 – The Ministry of Magic

Next: Episode 9 – In the Woods

Location: Narrow Alleyway

the characters discuss their plan.

As any character

Use Spell Book, select Alohamora and then Use Alohamora with Padlocked and Heavily Graffitied Fire DoorPull Unlocked and Heavily Graffitied Fire Door to close it again.

As Ron

Use Large Bins to get Ron to hide behind the bins.

As Harry

Use Invisibility Cloak with Harry Potter, to hide Harry. Talk To Hermione Grangerto get her to hide under the cloak as well.

Mafalda Hopkirk apparates into the alleyway.

As Hermione

Use Spell Book, select Stupefy and Use Stupefy with Mafalda Hopkirk.

As any character

Pick Up Mafalda HopkirkUse Unlocked and Heavily Graffitied Fire Door and Walk To Dark Passageway.

Location: Dark Passageway

Look At Mafalda Hopkirk. You will now be able to Pick Up Mafalda’s Hair and Mafalda’s Spectacles. Do so.

If you are not playing as Hermione, Give Mafalda’s Hair and Mafalda’s Spectaclesto Hermione Granger.

As Hermione

Use Empty Vial with Polyjuice Potion. Then Use Mafalda’s Hair with Vial of Polyjuice Potion to create Essence of Mafalda.

Use Essence of MafaldaUse Mafalda’s Spectacles. Hermione’s disguise is now complete.

As any character

Look At Mafalda’s Handbag. You will find MOM Tokens and Mafalda’s Business Card. You need to Pick Up MOM Tokens. You may also Look At Mafalda’s Business Card.

Give MOM Tokens to the other two characters.

Walk To Narrow Alleyway. The other two characters will follow.

Location: Narrow Alleyway

As Harry

Give Puking Pastilles to Hermione Granger

Use Invisibility CloakTalk To Ron Weasley to get him to hide under the cloak as well. Hermione remains in plain sight in order to distract the next Ministry Worker.

Reg Cattermole apparates into the alleyway

As Hermione

Talk To Reg Cattermole. When the option appears, offer him a sweet.

Give Puking Pastilles to Reg Cattermole. He will eat one and then bend over to be sick.

Look At Reg Cattermole. You will now see Reg’s HairPick Up Reg’s Hair while he is being sick. If he stops being sick, don’t worry, he will start again shortly.

Now Reg will start trying to crawl towards the Street. Talk To Reg Cattermole again and convince him to go to Saint Mungo’s.

Reg Disapparates, Ron grabs his bag just as he’s leaving.

Use Empty Vial with Polyjuice Potion. Then Use Reg’s Hair with Vial of Polyjuice Potion to create Essence of Reg.

Give Essence of Reg to Ron Weasley. (Alternately, Hermione can give the hair and the vial to Ron, and Ron can create the Essence of Reg)

As Ron

Use Essence of RegLook At Reg’s BagPick Up Navy Blue RobesUse Navy Blue Robes. Ron’s disguise is now complete.

Hermione and Ron leave the alleyway, give Nosebleed Nougat to a Wizard they see and steal some of his hair.

Hermione is now holding Wizard’s Hair.

As Hermione

Use Empty Vial with Polyjuice Potion. Then Use Wizard’s Hair with Vial of Polyjuice Potion to create Essence of Mystery Wizard.

Give Essence of Mystery Wizard to Harry PotterGive Large Robes to Harry Potter.

As Harry

Pick Up Harry’s Glasses and Pick Up Invisibility Cloak to get Harry to take off his glasses and cloak and put them into his pocket.

Use Essence of Mystery WizardUse Large Robes. All the characters are now disguised.

As any character

Walk To The Street. The other characters will follow.

Location: The Street

If you walk along to your right, you will see some public toilets. If you Look At Public Conveniences, your character will comment that many people are going in but nobody is going out.

If you haven’t already done so, the character who picked up the MOM Tokens from Mafalda’s Handbag should now Give MOM Tokens to the other two characters.

Use Queue of People to join the end of the line. The other characters will join the appropriate lines at this point and the queue will move forward. Walk To Public Conveniences when you get to the front of the queue.

Location: Public Conveniences

Use MOM Token with Cubicle Door.

Use Cubicle Door to open it. Walk To ToiletUse Cubicle Door again to close the door behind you and then finally Use Toilet. Your character will step into the toilet bowl. Pull Chain to flush yourself down a chute to the Ministry of Magic.

characters being flushed down chutes, then looking around the Atrium.

Location: Ministry of Magic Atrium

As any character

Walk to the right, past the gates into a smaller hall. Use Queue for Lifts to join the queue.

The mystery wizard being impersonated by Harry is revealed to be one Albert Runcorn. Yaxley appears and shouts at Ron/Reg to stop his office from raining. He explain’s that Reg’s wife is is being interrogated on suspicion of being a mudblood. The characters enter the lifts, have a conversation and decide to split up. Ron gets out at Level 2 – Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The lift reaches Level 1– Minister for Magic and Support Staff. Dolores Umbridge is standing outside the lift. She talks to Hermione/Mafalda and tells her go to the courtroom.

You now have a choice of playing as Ron or Harry.

As Ron

Location: Yaxley’s Office

I will not go through a list of things that you can try to stop the rain, it’s more fun to experiement for yourself. I can tell you that there is nothing Ron can do to stop the rain, although many things will cause extra devastation to Yaxley’s office. There is no penalty for this, so feel free to cause as much destruction as you wish.

The only thing that is necessary to do in this room is to Talk To Yaxley’s Receptionist. Keep talking until you get the option “I give up!”. Choose this option and Ron will be sent off to find Bernie Pillsworth.

You will now be prompted to play as Harry (or you will be taken to the cutscene if you have already done this).

As Harry

Location: Level 1

Harry will not want to leave the lifts area until you Use the Invisibility Cloak.

Now you can walk along the corridor to the left. Pass by all the closed doors. You can Look At each door to read the name if you wish, but you can’t go into any of these rooms.

You will eventually come to an open area with some desks arranged in rows. There are some Pamphlet Makers making Pink Pamphlets.

You can Look At Pink Pamphlet if you wish a closer look.

Beyond the Pamphlet Makers is Umbridge’s Office Door. Harry won’t want to use the door because people might see him.

Use Decoy Detonator with Pamphlet Makers. The Pamphlet Makers are now Distracted Pamphlet Makers, and Harry is free to Use Umbridge’s Office Doorand then Walk To Umbridge’s Office.

Location: Umbridge’s Office

You can Use the Telescope to look out into the corridor at the Distracted Pamphlet MakersLook At the Telescope and you will see that Moody’s Mad Eye is behind it. Pull the Telescope, then Pick Up Moody’s Mad Eye.

If you Use Spell Book, select Accio and Locket, there will be a little cutscene where the Locket fails to Accio.

Pull Bottom Drawer of Umbridge’s Desk and Look At Bottom Drawer to find a file about Arthur Weasley. Look At Arthur Weasley’s File.

Look At Bookcase to find the book The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. Look AtThe Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. You can look at the photo in the book, but Harry won’t want to turn any of the pages.

Once you’ve read Arthur’s file, looked at the book and taken Moody’s eye, there is a brief cutscene.

Thicknesse enters the office, Harry hides under his invisibility cloak and backs out of the room.

Location: Level 1

There is nothing left for Harry to do in this area. Walk back past the Distracted Pamphlet Makers to the LiftUse Lift.

If you didn’t select to play as Ron before, you will get to play as him now.

Harry/Runcorn, Ron/Reg and Arthur Weasley meet in the Lift. Arthur gives Ron/Reg some advice on how to stop the rain. Ron/Reg leaves. Harry/Runcorn talks to Arthur. The Lift stops at the Atrium. Arthur leaves, Harry/Runcorn puts the Invisibility Cloak on again, goes down to the next level and walks to the Torchlit Stone Passageway.

Location: Torchlit Stone Passageway

As Harry

You can’t enter the Department of Mysteries. There is a Doorway on the left-hand side of the passageway (the doorway is hard to spot, but it’s opposite the third torch on the right). Walk To Doorway to go down the stairs to the Passage Outside the Courtrooms. Walk to the right and watch another cutscene.

voices are heard from a dungeon, a man declaring that he’s a half-blood. Umbridge’s responds to him. Two Dementors take the man away down the corridor. Then they call for Mary Cattermole. Harry slips into the courtroom after her. He watches the beginning of the trial. After a while, Umbridge asks Mafalda to find Mary Cattermole’s response to a questionnaire. The player is now put in control of Hermione. As Hermione

Location: The Courtroom

As Hermione

Talk To Dolores Umbridge. She will tell Hermione/Mafalda some lies about the origin of the locket. Harry’s internal monologue will tell us that’s angry enough to do anything about now.

As Harry or Hermione

Use Spell Book and select StupefyUse Stupefy with Dolores Umbridge and then Use Stupefy with Yaxley.

As Harry

Use Spell Book and select Expecto PatronumUse Expecto Patronum with Dementors to keep them away from Mrs Cattermole. You must be playing as Harry to do this because Hermione’s Expecto Patronum isn’t strong enough.

As Harry or Hermione

Pick Up Locket Horcrux from around Umbridge’s neck.

As Hermione

Use Spell Book and select GeminioUse Geminio with Locket Horcrux to create a Duplicate LocketUse Duplicate Locket with Dolores Umbridge.

Use Spell Book and select RelashioUse Relashio with Chains on Courtroom Chair.

Harry tells Mary Cattermole to to go home, grab her children and run. They go into the corridor and tell the other Muggle-borns the same thing. Ron/Reg turns up and is mistaken by Mary Cattermole for the real Reg. The party goes to the Atrium and begin to leave. The real Reg turns up. There is a scuffle, but eventually Harry, Ron and Hermione manage to apparate to Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. There is a scream, a purple flash of light and everything goes dark.

Previous: Episode 7 – Grimmauld Place 
Next: Episode 9 – In the Woods


This page is meant as fan art, depicting an adventure gamer’s interpretation of a portion of the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The video game depicted does not actually exist.

Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R.
Harry Potter characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved.

No copyright infringement is intended.



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