Old Stuff 4 – The Gods Must be Crazy

Alternate voices version

One of my favourite movies as a child, I bought the DVD almost as soon as it was released here. I was very surprised to discover that two of the main characters now had completely different voices to the version I was familiar with. I gather that when the film was released in America, some idiot decided that US audiences wouldn’t understand the very mild South African accents in the original, so they hired some new actors to dub over it.

I think the DVD has the original actors voices, and this clip of the version I grew up with has the over-dubbed voice actors.

I took an old taped-off-tv video and ripped the audio track from it. I learnt how to demux and remux a DVD. I mashed some audio tracks together and created a DVD with the alternate voices and the DVD quality video.

To the left is a small portion of this version for anyone who is interested in comparing it to the DVD release. The sound’s a bit nasty with the youtube audio compression, but that can’t be helped. The lip synch is quite appalling too, but as I think most of the original film was lip synched in a studio later I don’t think my version is much worse.

I sent some letters to Columbia Tristar asking them about the other version of the film. They basically told me that I was imagining it. I figure if that’s the case, they won’t mind me sharing part of my imaginary version.

I can’t really talk about this film without mentioning the plight of the San people in southern Africa (the bushmen in the film). Their hunter gatherer lifestyle was pretty much destroyed in recent years. The DVD included this link to the Kalahari people’s fund.

[Edit: as you’ve noticed, there is no longer a youtube video attached to this post. It was only a short clip with different audio, but it received a copyright strike.  In its place, here is the .acm file I created with the alternate audio.  It uses the DVD audio for parts that have no speech, so there are quality jumps. The syncing is also quite bad, but there you are.]


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