Old Stuff 3 – Downloadable Cursors

I’ve put together a few mouse cursors over the years. Download them here.

[These are Windows XP era, very dated now]

To install:
Download and extract the .zip file to your hard drive. Go to the Start button, Control Panel and double click Mouse. Go to the Pointers tab. Select the cursor you want to replace, ‘Browse’ to the folder where you extracted the downloaded cursors and double click on the cursor you want.

visibleHighly visible cursors
My parents had a laptop with a horrible screen and were always losing sight of their mouse pointer. This prompted me to make a selection of highly visible (and rather ugly) mouse cursors. Download

handsHand cursors
Hand cursors based on the windows Link Select cursor – the finger, two pointing hands, thumbs up and thumbs down. Download

hazardHazard Cursors
Spinning and static biohazard and radiation hazard symbols. I used to use the static biohazard as my main mouse pointer and the spinning one as the ‘busy’ cursor. They’re a little dated now. They come in dark grey and black. Download

lemmingLemmings Cursors
A large collection of lemmings cursors, some animated some not. All compiled from screenshots from the game. Download

tiberianTiberian Sun Cursors
Most of the cursors from the game Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. I compiled these from game screenshots. There’s possibly a way to extract them from the game files themselves, but I didn’t know of it at the time. Download


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