Reassembling the Zalman FPSGUN mouse

Screw holes for the scroll-wheel part are here: You will want to take apart the front part of the mouse as well. Screw holes are here.  Two are hiding under a sticker. When you’ve taken the front part off, you can unplug this cable, so you can pull it through a little way to the […]

Robo Rally 2016 board game review

This review assumes that you have played a previous edition of Robo Rally.  The 2016 edition was designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of the original Robo Rally, to improve a bunch of things about the gameplay.  It’s published by Avalon Hill.  You can read Richard Garfield’s Design Notes which explain his reasons for the changes he […]

The Adventures of Mister Bun-Bun

At the end of last year, my flatmates bought a little rabbit.  They had specifically looked for a Netherlands Dwarf, finally the local pet shop got one in and they promptly bought him. They started out taking him into their room a lot for play time.  This didn’t last long, I think they just wanted […]

Futuro House – Guinea Pigs in a Flying Saucer

I found a book at my local library—He Was There Too: Reminiscences of a Christian Journalist—an autobiography about a local journalist Rosaline Redwood. The interesting part to me was the chapter about buying the first Futuro House built in the Christchurch factory.  The house is still there, now with a second house also on site. […]

An article I found on Futuro houses

A few years ago I went to the Christchurch City Libraries, looking for anything they had on Futuro houses. All they had was a copy of an article from a Designscape magazine. I photocopied this article. I looked at the library again recently and found no sign of the article in their current records (maybe […]

New Zealand Rat Rescue Store

Shameless plug: This is the best place in New Zealand to buy food, bedding and accessories for your pet rats – The New Zealand Rat Rescue store The Lab Block they sell is a brilliant base for a pet rat’s diet, my rats just love them. Far better and cheaper than the nasty “Rat and Mouse Foods” that […]